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Marketing Assignment help
Marketing Assignment Help in Leadership assignment help online

The concept of Leadership assignment help online is very abstract. So much so that over the years there has been no particular definition or model of Leadership assignment help online that has evolved as correct or accurate. Every individual has their own idea of what Leadership assignment help online entails. Leadership assignment help online has been described as "a method of influencing the elements of the society in which an individual commands the help and support of the other elements in order to reach a common goal".
In my opinion Leadership assignment help online & Marketing assignment help can be defined as a proactive approach towards achieving one's goal through his/her followers by providing a guiding light as well as inspiration to oneself as well as to those who have put their faith in him/her. Leadership assignment help online is also an art of getting things done, not through technique, methods and processes, but by opening up and sharing your vision with your followers and getting truly engaged with the followers so as to communicate a collective direction to head towards and thus devise a path to get to the goal. Leadership assignment help online & ebusiness dissertation help is an attitude which emerges without the crutches of power and position. Leadership assignment help online works by embedding a desire in the people to dream, work towards and to achieve more than they thought was possible. This is achieved by first identifying and articulating a vision for the future. In order to identify the vision, it is also important to create a synergy of efforts by aligning the goals of the individual with the goals of the team/leader.
Leadership assignment help online Traits
I do not believe that leaders are born with specific traits which make them leaders; rather I think that leaders have a different and positive approach towards every situation. A leader is the person who possesses the rare combination of personality, skills and intellect that charms the group and gives them a reason to follow. Although the Leadership assignment help online Trait theory believes otherwise (Stogdill, 1974). According to the theory, people are born with a set of traits that they inherit. Some of these inherited traits are particularly suited to a Leadership assignment help online role. Thus in order to be a good leader one needs to have the right combination of these traits.
The few traits which I believe emerge consistently among all great leaders and I would like to incorporate within myself are as follows:

Enthusiasm: I have seen a failing project or ebusiness dissertations sail through due to efforts of one person and have also witnessed an almost done deal crumble due to lack of enthusiasm in just one person. A leader can make or break a situation as it is his passion for the work that inspires the group to keep going. When the leader is enthusiastic about a task, it is contagious for her/his team.
Courage: There goes a famous quote "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm". This means that the true traits of a leader are required to be showcased under rough/crisis situations. Courage in Leadership assignment help online might mean taking a bold approach to a new idea - sticking your neck out in support of something, which you think is worth trying.
Self Confidence: A leader needs to have confidence in himself in order for his team to have faith in him. A self-confident leader does not mean that he is unrealistic, but rather is self -aware and thus wastes no time in setting about realising their immediate and realistic goals.
Ethics: One of the reasons why I would trust a person is if he keeps promises, and backs up what he believes to be right. Such a person brings a sense of assignment help security and transparency in the group by communicating his value system and working in accordance with what he feels is right. Part of this ethical behaviour is a sense of stewardship - a feeling of responsibility for the welfare, progress and security of oneself, the team, the organisation, the industry and the society as a whole.
Concern/compassion: A leader has a genuine and sympathetic interest in and a respect for, people as individuals. A good leader generally devotes enough time in his schedule to understand and communicate with her/his team in order to understand their views, opinions, problems and concerns while being firm at the same time.

Marketing Assignment Help
Marketing is a Management practice which is used to identify the customers’ needs and wants. It is a process by which the customers’ needs and wants are taken and a suitable product, tailor-made to the specifications of the customers is produced.

Philip Kotler, who is one of the foremost authorities in the field of Marketing, defines Marketing as a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.

Marketing is one of the central functions of a firm, the others being Research and Development (R&D), Manufacturing, Finance, IT and Human Resources. All the functions mentioned here concentrate on internal matters where as Marketing is the only process that is concerned with external matters, the customer. It is a crucial process without which a firm cannot function. Even without a manufacturing, a firm can supply a product to the customer. But, without marketing, the customer would not come to the firm in the first place, except for in rare occasions.

Marketing being a subset of Economics derives many of its theories from Economics finance homework help. Marketing includes concepts and topics like 5 C's of marketing - company, collaborators, customers, competitors, and climate; Market Segmentation; Target Market Selection; Market Analysis – involving market sizing, drivers, restraints, trends, distribution channel, etc; 4P’s of Marketing; Brand Equity; Pricing Strategy; Product life cycle ; Business Marketing; Customer lifetime value (CLV); Customer relationship management (CRM); Marketing orientation; Integrated marketing communication.

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Send us your Thesis & Dissertations, Assignments, Projects, term papers, Course works and we will send you back the US, Australia, UK Dissertation writing help from UK thesis editing experts. We also help in projects, papers and essays.

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